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Too Many Turtles is an exciting new card game

Too Many Turtles tactical card game? Too Many Turtles is a tactical point builder card game in which two players fight over the course of up to 3 rounds to build the most valuable army of turtles that they can. The player with the highest amount of points at the end of the round wins and the game goes to the first player to win 2 out of 3 rounds. In our base set, you will find two pre-built decks of cards made to play against each other. On one side, you have Turtron: The Legendary Defender, a giant robotic turtle from outer space that has come to earth. He and his army of hatchlings are trying to combat the devastating effects mankind is having on turtles and the environment using a variety of effect cards like Shell Restoration and Environmental Clean Up.

Now a little info about real world turtle issues. We are now reaching a critical point in our planets ecology. 6 of 7 sea turtle species are listed as Threatened, Endangered, or Critically Endangered, with 129 of 300 total turtle species falling into the same categories. Oceanic Society. The Oceanic Society is one of the leading organizations in terms of increasing awareness for turtle conservation. It is their goal to generate needed information and pass it to the people who need it most.

As a rule, you are only allowed to move one turtle, one row per turn. Sorry, we didn’t make the rules! Well, actually we did, but turtles are notoriously slow. That’s a rule we didn’t make. Have no fear though, there are ways you can ensure your turtles make it to the top of your field for maximum points! The first way you may be able to move more is if your turtle has a specific effect that adjusts movement. Turtle Cards including Abnormally Speedy Sid (Pictured Right, Can be summoned into the middle row), and The Amputurtle (Can move twice in one turn), can make their way to the top faster. Other cards such as Hubert the Penta Island Tortoise can’t be moved under their own power.Find additional info on Save the Turtles Card Game.

From the guys who played Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens comes a new game, starring some of the slowest animals on the planet; but things get moving pretty quickly! Players will take turns playing turtles and moving them across the field as quickly as possible, dodging all of the wild effects that their opponent can throw at them. Sometimes the effects are very real, like discarded Plastic or Debilitating Pollution, sometimes they’re as sudden as Shell Death!

The Idea: For those of you who don’t know us, we are three huge nerds who love gaming. We work normal jobs and we sometimes play DnD at 1 am because work was hard and we need to relax. One day, while we were at work, we had the thought that we could create games. An idea took hold, and it’s stuck with us like a shell to a turtle. Too Many Turtles is a fun and fast paced game about the world’s slowest reptiles! It wasn’t our first idea, and very possibly not our best idea, but it stuck. Almost 6 months later, we have an actual game and an incredible Non-Profit Partner in SEE Turtles. Thanks to the work they do, we have the opportunity to save real turtles with this card game we created while bored at work. Find a few extra info on