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Violin and bow care

Vibrato violin lessons? Pizz: Pizz. is an abreviation for Pizzicato (not pizza;-) and means to pluck the string. A + sign means LEFT HAND Pizzicato. Presto – Very Fast Allegro: An Allegro Tempo is Fast and Happy. Allegro is not as fast as Presto. Sometimes a movement of a piece of music will be called “Allegro”; Piano: Piano is written p and means soft.

Cello: The cello is much larger then the violin or viola. It is played sitting down but is still a bowed string instrument. The strings on the cello are A, D, G and C but sound one octave lower then the Viola. Cellos are available is 1/10 – 4/4 sizes.

Violin parts : Tail Piece – The violin tail piece holds the four fine tuners and strings. There are many different types of violin tail pieces. This part of the violin is usually Ebony. Frog – The Violin Bow Frog is located at the other end of the violin bow from the Tip and contains the mechanism for loosening and tightening the bow. The parts of the violin bow at this end are most important to know when learning the violin Bow Hold.

Miss Laura’s lesson plans include the submission of an audio recording for review. Firstly, you will send an audio file to Miss Laura via email. You can use any voice recorder on a smart phone or computer and email the file to Miss Laura. Then, you will receive personalized feedback from Miss Laura with an email review of your submission.

Choosing Lesson Plans over individual lessons will ensure online violin lesson success! As a result, you will see greater progress and improvement. With online Miss Laura’s online violin lessons you can learn fiddle tunes, pop songs or musical numbers. Also, get help with school orchestra music or even prepare for an audition. Miss Laura’s online violin lesson plans include an online video lesson with Miss Laura. You can choose lessons that are 25 or 55 minutes in length. Most important, the online lesson is an integral part of Miss Laura’s lesson plan. All you need is a computer and also an internet connection. Miss Laura uses ZOOM for all of her online violin lessons. Find even more info at Suzuki Violin Lessons.

How to change atrings? Open the new string: Open the package with the new string. Some strings are sold straight and some are coiled in the package. All strings have different colors at each end and the package should tell you which color is which string. Different brands of strings have different colors so make sure to check the packaging before you change strings. For example, with Tomastik Dominant Violin Strings the E 3/string is Purple, A string is Blue, D string is Green and G string is yellow at the tailpiece end of the strings and at the peg end all the strings are purple.