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PCB design company today

Top rated electronic design company today? We are recognized for our fast turnaround with “First time right design” techniques giving you faster time-to-market. The products that we have designed are field proven & working successfully 24/7 over several years, always exceeding customer expectations. TronicsZone is based out of Bangalore, but we have been successfully catering to a global customer base including USA, UK, Europe, Australia, India and so on. TronicsZone have been successfully providing its Electronic Product Design services to a worldwide customer base including USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Germany, India etc. Discover extra information on Tronics zone.

We design, prototype and develop diverse electronic hardware in a customized and highly precise manner. We are capable of converting your ideas or transform a functional diagram to an electronic circuit or product that can help an electronic device perform its functions. With a team of proficient engineers, we build phenomenal electronic design. We can handle small scale assembly in-house, but we have tie-ups with several local board assembly facilities to get the boards populated rapidly for large volumes.

PCB can also vary in rigidity along with the number of layers. When thinking of a circuit board an inflexible printed circuit board comes to our mind and this PCB is produced by using fiber glass as a substrate. This keeps it from twisting or bending and keeps the shape intact. They come in single, double or multilayer forms. The rigid PCB can include any device’s circuit boards which need to be in the same shape throughput its lifespan. For example the mother board inside the computer.

A single sided PCB consists on a single layer of substrate followed by a thin metal coat on one side. Conventionally, after the base metal plating a protective solder mask is applied along with the silkscreen mask to mark out the parts of the board. The Double sided PCB services include solid state drives, printers, calculators, cameras, radio and stereo equipment and power supplies. This PCB is different and more useful than the single sided PCB because it has metal conductive layers on both sides of the substrate. The holes drilled in the PCB allows the connectivity between the circuits on either sides of the board. The double sided PCB allows the circuits and electronic components to connect to the other side using two techniques: through hole or surface mount.

A majority of our customers have come back to place repeat orders since several years despite several new competition cropping up which goes to show their comfort level & trust in us for the quality of service that they receive. TronicsZone has an impeccable reputation earned through its expertise, hard work, trust worthiness, work ethics & integrity; hard to come by in this modern era. Just don’t take our word for it, just check our customer’s recommendations & reviews! See even more information on electronic product design.