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Premium induction heating machine supplier

Induction heating machine wholesale manufacturer in China? Our company is located in Weifang City, Shandong Province. As a professional manufacturer, SHANDONG KEHUA INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. has modern standard workshops, office buildings and R&D centers. The products are selling well in more than 20 regions and countries , are widely used in casting, heat treatment, forging, machining and other industries. The products quality and price as well as after-sale service are recognized and praised by users. Discover extra information at induction heating machine manufacturer.

What is induction melting? Induction melting is the induction heating of a metal, typically within a crucible until the metal becomes molten using an induction furnace. Once the metal has fully melted, the liquid is then poured into an ingot mold or cast into a component at a foundry, or into smaller precise parts such as dental and jewelry castings. How does induction melting system work? An Induction melting furnace uses a copper induction heating coil that delivers an alternating magnetic current to the metal within the coil. This alternating magnetic current creates a resistance in the metal, causing it to heat and eventually to melt. Induction furnace technology does not require any flame or gasses that can be harmful to the environment to melt metals. Welcome visit us for more info about induction melting, induction melting system.

When the AC supply is connected to the primary winding, it induces currents in the charge. As the secondary, i.e., the charge has some resistance, thus the induced currents in the charge heats it up. Factors Affecting Induction Heating: In order to analyze the factors affecting the induction heating process, let us consider a circular disc which has to be heated. The disc carrying a current of I amperes at a frequency of f Hz; refer the figure. The induction heating is used in plastic injection modeling machines.

While applied on magnetic materials, heat is generated both by eddy current and hysteresis effect of magnetic materials. Small and Thin materials are heated quickly compared to large and thick materials. Higher the frequency of the alternating current, lower the heating depth of penetration. Materials of higher resistivity are heated quickly. The inductor in which the heating material is to be placed should allow easy insertion and removal of the material. While calculating power supply capacity, the specific heat of the material to be heated, the mass of the material and the temperature rise required are to be considered. The heat loss due to conduction, convection, and radiation should also be taken into account for deciding the power supply capacity.

Kehua company is backed by strong technical force, adheres to market-oriented, technology-driven, quality- based, and follow the path of high-tech development. The experienced technical staff has developed a variety of lGBT series of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, so that our company’s intermediate frequency technical strength has reached the domestic leading level. Kehua Company regards “quality as life, integrity as fundamental”, always implements customer service as the center, takes advanced quality system, advanced mature technical force and perfect after-sales service system as its guarantee, and provides customers with more and more good products, technologies and services, Kehua people are warmly welcoming new and old friends at home and abroad. Read additional info on