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Best video lights 2021? There will be times when transporting a bigger LED light around is simply not an option and in these situations, the Manfrotto Lumimuse 8 could well prove to be your saviour. The tiny light can attach to the hotshoe mount of your camera and can be controlled over Bluetooth by your iOS smartphone. The unit, which shouldn’t be confused with the non-Bluetooth version, is made up of eight LED lights that serve up 550 LUX (at 1 metre), making the Manfrotto unit suitable for vlogs or product videography. Remember of course, you can also use the LED as continuous lighting in your stills photography, too One of the key advantages of the Lumimuse 8 is the unit’s portability, which will appeal to videographers who want to travel light and shoot via a run-and-gun approach. Tipping the scales at just 160g, the light won’t be a burden during long shoots and is powered by a built-in Lithium rechargeable battery. This means if levels run low while out on a shoot, you can simply plug in a powerbank via a USB connection and recharge between takes. A coldshoe mount adaptor lets the light slide onto your camera or you can screw it onto a tripod stand or even a monopod if you wish to lift the LED into a certain direction when filming. The power output can be adjusted in four steps (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%) when using the button on the unit but if you prefer to adjust power remotely via the free Lumimuse App on your iOS device, you have a 0-100 option by adjusting the slider control on-screen.

This heart-shaped beauty is the cutest ring light we ever did see. It’s not just pretty, though: this USB-powered ring light has three adjustable color temperatures and 10 brightness levels. It will give you that good-good lighting every time. This low-profile lighting solution is small and sleek and is super simple to set up behind your laptop for your next Zoom sesh. It also has a built-in phone holder and a remote control for your next Instagram Live. It comes in white, black, and pink, and is available in floor-standing options or desktop options, like the one seen here. This heavy-duty lighting equipment was designed with professional photographers and videographers in mind. The starburst-like lighting bars work like a traditional LED ring light, but you can also detach the individual bars to create any lighting solution you need, such as hair lights or sidelights.

Want to film with your iPad rather than your phone? This monster ring light from Ivisii is just what you need; as well as a phone holder it also comes with an iPad holder, and at 19 inches diameter it’s big enough for you to mount your iPad within the ring light itself. The light gives you full control over colour temperature and brightness and fires out incredibly bright white light when whacked up to full power, and for more creative control it comes with a set of white, green, red and blue filters that you can mix and match in order to set up amazing-looking multicolour lighting effects. Discover even more information on video lights.

If you use your phone as your webcam, the 10-inch selfie ring from UBeesize is just what you need. This affordable kit includes a dimmable ring light with three color options, a mini desktop camera holder, an adjustable tripod, and a Bluetooth remote. Set the tripod on your desk or the floor, and you’re ready to take calls or film video. You can even leave your phone off the tripod and place this light behind your computer’s webcam for precise lighting. If you need to upgrade your camera and your lighting system, reach for the NexiGo StreamCam. It’s a 1080P webcam with an attached ring light. If you’re a privacy junkie, you’ll dig the privacy cover that slides over the camera when it’s not in use. This setup fits atop your monitor and also works as a standalone unit on any flat surface.

You get lots of options with this model: it can be used with a phone or nearly any type of stand-alone camera, since the kit comes with two cold-shoe mounts and a 1/4-inch-20 mounting option. It runs on the included AC power adapter or, when you’re far from a power outlet, on the two included NP-F750 lithium-ion batteries. These provide up to 70 minutes at full power, according to the manufacturer. It’s also fully dimmable and equipped with an adjustable color temperature ranging from 3200K to 5600K in increments of 25 Kelvin. And all of the components can fit into an included carrying case, for easy travel and storage. Read more info at