Interesting Things Blog Business Premium affordable housing ideas with Daniel Roberts from Newcastle, UK

Premium affordable housing ideas with Daniel Roberts from Newcastle, UK

Daniel Roberts from Newcastle, UK and the climb of an affordable housing innovator? His firm, Quantus Solutions, has been offering its services from the East Coast of Australia. This organization is also willing to extend its services from regions from Sydney to Newcastle. His leadership and effective management have built a way for his businesses to extend their solutions-oriented strategy for a successful result. Through his company, he intends to offer numerous innovative as well as impactful services to contractors, developers, legal professionals, as well as public members. However, he started all of it after a traditional training that he received from the UK. While earning it, he worked with various clients as well as public offices.

Quantus Solutions are a professional Quantity Surveying Firm offering high impact, affordable and sustainable value engineering services to land owners, builders, developers, suppliers and consultants. We offer friendly, reliable and cost affective reports that work with any project at any stage. We are experienced with projects from $200,000 the $1bn and offer strategic “Value Add” services geared towards design innovation that does not cost the earth. Read extra information at Daniel Roberts Newcastle. Daniel is an expert in Hempcrete constructions and offers a unique blend of academic and hands on experience being an expert in traditional lime based render applications. Daniel has completed residential developments for himself and a range of clients in the UK, Middle East and Australia. Daniel has worked in the capacity of project manager, contract administrator and is familiar with due diligence reports for financial drawdowns and interim work in progress. Daniel is an active property investor and specialises in small to medium scale residential developments with an emphasis on sustainability and affordability. Daniel Roberts has a passion for construction and leads a small but capable teams of builders, carpenters, plumbers and lime renders on the sunny east coast of Australia.

Here at Quantus Solutions we know that all desires are possible and necessary for individuals to achieve a fulfilled and abundant life. Construction projects can be very challenging and considerable skill and expertise is required at all stages. We also appreciate that not everyone has enough time to become a master at everything, therefore working with trusted partners is key to individual success. If you want to recover from sickness, you need a good doctor, if you want to build a quality project, you need a good builder. If you want your project finances to be a success, you need a good Quantity Surveyor, it is that simple. Quantus Solutions understand their responsibilities are in service to members of the public to help facilitate a smooth and sustainable projects, we work with all members of a team, owners, financiers, designers and contractors as they relate to the minimum standards for professional quantity surveying.

Outside of his professional life Daniel is a lover of all things natural, has a passion for nature, gardening, beach walks, running and low impact living. Daniels philosophy is to aim for the good and promote quality over quantity. Daniel has been nominated as a finalist in the 2020 RICS awards for innovation for his contributions towards the built environment as a finalist for “sustainability project of the year” and “young achiever of the year”.