Interesting Things Blog Business Clap-Serv or the growth of a community service free marketplace

Clap-Serv or the growth of a community service free marketplace

Clap-Serv or the upsurge of a community service free marketplace? Request multiple quotations at one go: We always wish for a platform where we receive multiple proposals for our service need. The choices and selection is always what we look for. In majority of scenarios we don’t find one and have to content with what we got, but now we have Clap-Serv. It’s designed to give you multiple choices to select best for you and what your pocket allows.

What is that we are doing here? We are here to provide you the land of opportunities by creating a world class community of service providers, consumers and prosumers. Our mission is to re-define the way services are procured today. More customization will be possible. The price place…etc will be decided by us and most importantly, we ourselves can take part in designing our services as we like.

Clap-Serv is committed to help these talented yet left alone service providers and freelancers getting deals from customers without any commissions or ssubscriptions. Just imaging a regular service need of yours and when you contact your service provider and explains your problem. Did you ever feel that just by talking, you can’t explain. You have to call the guy at your house, he looks at it and then he quotes you. It really become difficult at times calling people at Home showing your problems and then deciding upon your terms of business with them. Read more information at Clap-Serv.

Believe it or not but with the help of Clap-Serv, you can do endless customization of your service requirement. How?? Use videos, images and attachment for the customization of your service requirement. These are the tools you can use at your fingertips to communicate your service requirement better. You could possess any skill. You can be someone who has teaching skills or a consultant skills, astronomer, carpenter….anything. Turn your skills in to the business of yours. There might be people around, who would be looking for your skills.

Why i am not able to see my historical requests? We archive all history of requests after a month time. That’s why you are not able to see your historical requests. Where do i need to report a fraud? Please work and choose your service provider wisely, however if something like this happen, please raise your concern at and we will block the service provider account from our app.

In the context of product/service generation and distribution network, the emergence of Clap-Serv will enable bidirectional information flow between individual consumers and communities around the world. It can transform traditional consumers into economically motivated prosumers, who not just consume services but also generate one. Clap-Serv is one such platform which will help manage the businesses carried out within the community. See additional info on community service platform app.