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Tefl jobs in Europe guides

High quality TEFL classes in Madrid? A globally recognized certification from our TEFL school in Spain can be your ticket to an exciting and rewarding overseas experience by providing you with the ability to work in Spain and thousands of schools, businesses, and language academies around the world. Get ready and prepare yourself with our TEFL course in Madrid! Become a TEFL teacher abroad and travel the world, immersing yourself into a new culture! TEFL in Spain offers you the perfect blend of teaching and tourism, language and learning, career and culture. By studying a TEFL course in Spain, you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel abroad and become a teacher anywhere you desire to go. But unlike a tourist who just waltzes in and out, you get to immerse yourself into this rich and colourful community which is bound to be drastically different from the monotony you are likely confined to at the moment. But this is not just another 9-5 job though.

Common misconception: teaching English abroad is always with youngsters who have never studies English. False! While many positions are orientated towards children who are giving English their first-go, there are many opportunities teaching adolescents and adults that have intermediate and advanced levels. That being said, you should be prepared to take on any age and level of learner. Teaching advanced students tends to be a little more generous to your wallet, too.

Here is the complete TEFL guide, with all you want to know in one place. Teaching others English really is a big and high potential career! It offers many paths to independence, travel, exploration, and adventure. Maybe you’ve recently graduated and want to try your hand at a teaching career, but aren’t ready to go back to school right away for your education degree. Maybe you are curious if teaching is even right for you. Or maybe you have no idea what you want your career to look like at all! If this is the case, then TEFL is your answer. It’s a short-term course that gives you the knowledge you need to succeed, and first hand experience in the classroom as part of your required TEFL practicum. It’s the perfect way to give teaching a test-drive without the full commitment. Teaching abroad is a great opportunity to study a language in the country. Your students will be more than happy to teach you the basics. Of course, they will teach you some swear words first 🙂 Read additional details on

Come to the thriving capital of Madrid and be a TEFL teacher by day, party animal by night. The city of Madrid is renowned for its bustling nightlife and it’s rightly called as the most lively city in the continent. Whether it’s the clubs, pubs, restaurants or sporting event, Madrid has something for everybody and you’d be hard-pressed to stay still for even a single day; there’s just something to do all the time. The weather’s pleasant all year round as well making it one of the most preferred tourist destinations by a mile.

For our spanish readers:

Promedio de 110 puntos en el TOEFL: según el resultado del test, precisamos cuáles son tus fortalezas y debilidades. A partir de éstas, elaboramos un plan de estudio personalizado para garantizar los mejores resultados en poco tiempo. Cursos TOEFL a tu ritmo: tú eliges el horario, si de día o de noche, y cuántas horas dedicarle a la semana. Somos enemigos de las clases eternas e improductivas, por eso nos enfocamos en la eficiencia, frescura y dinamismo de cada clase.

Modalidad general, con un ritmo habitual de clases, en las que se avanza de manera progresiva por las secciones que conforman el TOEFL: Listening (prueba de comprensión auditiva), Speaking (prueba oral), Reading (prueba de lectura) y Writing (prueba de escritura). 4 horas semanales: máximo 5 estudiantes por clase, 16 horas lectivas en total. 6 horas semanales: plan de estudio popular, máximo 5 estudiantes por clase, 24 horas lectivas en total. 10 horas semanales: máximo 5 estudiantes por clase, 40 horas lectivas en total. 20 horas semanales: plan mensual intensivo, máximo 5 estudiantes por clase, 80 horas lectivas en total.

Sala multimedia a la vanguardia: practica cuando quieras en cualquiera de nuestras academias de inglés en Madrid. La sala de ordenadores está a tu disposición para entrenar tus habilidades de Listening, Reading, Speaking y Writing. Guías oficiales: los cursos de TOEFL en Madrid de nuestra academia de idiomas cuentan exclusivamente con las guías oficiales suministradas por ETS, los creadores del examen. Te ofrecemos acceso completo a todo el material. Descubrir adicional información cursos de TOEFL.

Lecciones y ejercicios a tu ritmo: Al ingresar a nuestra plataforma de cursos TOEFL online dispones de un programa cargado de lecciones en todas las áreas del test (Listening, Speaking, Reading y Writing). Cada lección va acompañada de múltiples ejercicios en los que podrás además estudiar las respuestas. Software online adaptativo: cuando realices las sesiones de práctica online, el software irá aumentando la dificultad de las preguntas según tu desempeño. Mientras más aciertes, más complejo se pondrá. En caso contrario, si respondes incorrectamente, la dificultad bajará progresivamente.