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Carbon fiber cutting company

Carbon fiber company: When dealing with composite materials, it is important to understand a material-specific terminology and abbreviation. More importantly, however, it is important to understand the properties of FRP composites and their various reinforcing materials, such as carbon fiber. Carbon fiber reinforced composites, unlike other FRP composites that use traditional fibers such as fiberglass or aramid fibers, the excellent properties of CFRP composites include: Traditional fiberglass reinforced composites use continuous glass fibers in an amount of 70% (weight glass/total weight) and typically 0.065 pounds per cubic inch. CFRP composites, despite their light weight, have higher strength and greater hardness per unit weight of CFRP composite than glass fiber composites. This advantage is even more pronounced when compared to metallic materials.

Many rival companies constantly compete to produce high-performance equipment and it utilizes the physical property of carbon fiber. For example, in golf, the traditional materials such as steel used for the shaft of a golf club are being replaced in favor of carbon fiber as it produces a lightweight club, with the benefit of low torque. Tennis is another sport where the same knowledge is being used to create light, strong rackets. Carbon fiber and other composite materials are being used in the development of musical instruments. Carbon fiber has also an advantage in science, one of the main use is carbon fiber electrode.

Jinjiuyi has been custom carbon fiber cutting for our customers for 6 years. We cut all products base on carbon fiber sheet, Not only we manufacture carbon fiber plate by our own factory, but also CNC machining by our workshop. We have 8 sets of high-speed CNC machine that offer accuracy of 0.05 mm, so we can easily finish your big orders. Thanks to wide experience we offer carbon fiber cutting services of different carbon fiber products purposed for industry and civil, products including high precision automated machine arms, carbon fiber structural components for UAV FPV, racing car carbon fiber chassis, money clips, money wallets, phone case, carbon fiber tag, carbon fiber buckle for belt, and many other CNC machining products. Find even more details on

Is the quadcopter unibody x-frame or separate frame? The major advantages of the unibody frame are its high stability and easy assembly. Its major advantage is the quantity of material wasted while cutting the carbon fiber plate. Also, one carbon plate can only layout a few frames and if a single arm is damaged, it implies replacing the whole frame. This is very expensive. The separate frame designs are usually favored over the unibody frame because it is relatively inexpensive and easier to repair. Split arm designs are usually less expensive than unibody frames because a lesser quantity of carbon fibers plates is wasted when constructing them. The fact that they are replaceable also makes them lighter because you can design the arms to be narrower if you want. Also, if an arm is broken, replacing them is easier, quicker and at a lower cost.

Founded in 2012 and located in Shenzhen of China, Shenzhen Jinjiuyi Electronics and Technology Co Ltd was a small factory that was trying to find its way to the top of the carbon fiber industry, we started with only 2 workers, limited technology, not a single CNC cutting machine and 2-4 domestic customers only. We had a clear goal from the very beginning, which is to provide our customers with the highest product quality and the best customer service possible. That’s what pushed us every year to grow bigger. By 2014 we had 6 employees and owned 3 sets of CNC cutting machine. Our main work was producing and selling carbon fiber sheets, and we have 5-6 domestic customers. Explore a few more info on