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How to get cash by playing mobile games and Mistplay

Make real money playing games and Mistplay? The continued advancement in technology has brought so many online money-making opportunities that were impossible in earlier years. Currently, if you want to put some extra bucks into your wallet, chances are numerous. In this Mistplay review, we are going to explore more about how possible it is to earn money through the app. Is it worth it? Can you quit your job and make a stable living through Mistplay? We will handle all these questions to make sure you have the full information. Having an extra source of income, no matter how small, is what many people long for. Everyone is looking to make their lives more comfortable by adding some money to their income. You can make extra money through different ways such as the following: becoming a twitch streamer, selling skills online, leaving your computer running or posting ads online and so much more.

MyPoints is a classic GPT site and app that’s been around since 1996. Like the options above, the games and tasks on MyPoints are pretty diverse. If you use both the app and website, you can easily make extra cash in your spare time. Choose cash payments, digital gift cards, or physical gift cards for payment. MyPoints pays via PayPal or gift card. To receive a $25 PayPal payment, you need an account balance of 3,970 points. Gift cards are available for as little as 480 points. Gift card options include Amazon, Best Buy, Burger King, eBay, and dozens of other retailers.

According to Statista, daily usage of mobile phones grew from 152 minutes in 2014 to 215 minutes in 2018. Daily mobile phone usage is also estimated to grow to 234 minutes by 2021. Furthermore, it’s clear that we spend a lot of our phone time on mobile apps and games. There were 2.2. billion mobile gamers as of 2018, and this number is expected to increase as technology becomes more accessible around the world. Now, I’ve covered ways to make money playing videos games or various passive income apps before. However, I want to tackle a newer entrant to the world of apps that pay you to play games: Mistplay. If you want to play games for gift cards and make the most out of the time you spend on your phone, this Mistplay review is worth the read. Find extra details on Mistplay.

Pogo has free games and paid games for every platform (PC, mobile phone, Wii, Xbox, PS3, etc.). Game categories range from your traditional games like Backgammon and Poker to the latest arcade games. There are two different prize payouts with Pogo. You can enter to win a $50 daily drawing or a jackpot of up to $500. By joining Club Pogo for $6.99 per month, you can also participate in tournaments to earn additional points and gain exclusive access to 40 games. Plus, you won’t have to look at ads either.

Different games will reward you with different Units, or points, based on either the time spent playing or the game level reached. It’s up to you to determine how much time and energy you’re able to devote to the game in order to rack up the points. Also, the higher your overall player experience level within the game, the faster those points will accrue. Lastly, Mistplay offers a referral program for users. If you refer someone and they download the app, you’ll both enjoy reward points. Once your referral reaches Level 4 in the app, you’ll earn an additional 100 points as a bonus. So how does all of this translate into actual money? It will cost you 1,500 units if you want to redeem your points for a $5 Google Play gift card. This doesn’t sound bad, but the time it will take you to reach that level will vary. If you have a long train or bus commute, spend a lot of time in airports or doctor’s offices, or otherwise enjoy playing games on your phone regularly, you may find that Mistplay is an easy way to rack up $40 or so a month in free gift cards by doing what you already enjoy doing. See a few extra details at