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Stay Writer font and other options for a perfect font for your Instagram bio

Tikal Sans font and other choices for a perfect font for your Instagram bio text? Of course, we have to show you hand lettering options. If you thought that this was a passing trend, you probably thought wrong. Hand lettering is becoming a more reliable option for almost any brand desiring a human touch on their posts, and this option does just that! It works perfectly alone, or you can mix it with another Sans Serif.

Create a solid background for your text to pop: If you’re posting a sequence of Stories, you likely connect them with the same aesthetic. However, what happens when you need to interrupt that Stories sequence with a call to action? Create a solid background based on the color palette used in the previous Stories and make your text pop. To make a post stand out in your @Instagram Stories series, use a solid color background.

Does the font you use to write your Instagram bio really make a difference? Yes. Why are fonts so crucial for creating the perfect Instagram bio? Fonts are often overlooked elements in any Instagram bio, and indeed, in general. In reality, however, fonts contribute a great deal to the tone of your text. Every font conveys a specific emotion from a wide range of tones. For instance, if you want to appear laid-back, relaxed, and cooler, a simple yet stylish font is the way to go. If, instead, you desire for your profile to present as super-cute, why not play around with fonts that use cute emojis in the place of some letters? Find even more details on Instagram fonts.

Would you rather use an expensive alternative? Type design studio and independent digital font foundry TypeTrust has been around for four years under Silas Dilworth. Previously it was a font distribution partnership with type designer Neil Summerour. Silas graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and has lived in LA since 2008. He’s produced custom type designs and digital fonts for brands like Converse, Saatchi LA, Universal Channel and more. As well as offering a select range of fonts and webfonts, TypeTrust also offers custom type design, font repair and branding and identity consultation.

Or, if you like to make interested parties work a bit harder to get to know you, you could always try the upside-down or mirror-image fonts. Better yet, select fonts with markings on them so that people are compelled to look closer to read your Instagram bio, and voila! Even before they’ve finished reading the bio, they are hooked! InstaBioFonts lets you draw a cancellation line over your text, or distort it with diagonal lines emerging out of each letter. Don’t these fonts make your profile simply sparkle? Not to mention the friendly, and yet artistic, aura they give off might make you (your profile) appear as more approachable. Read more info on