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Get lots of iOS installs for your software in Apple Store

Raise the number of iOS app installs methods? Keyword relevance: Apps with popular keywords in their title and description may see more downloads. Revenue: Apps with a good record of revenue generation will get more visibility from the app store. Country: Regional success can influence your ranking in that region. Boosting your ranking in multiple regions can have a snowball effect. Backlinks: If you can include backlinks to many relevant pages, you can improve your app ranking. Social proof: Your app’s popularity across social media platforms can affect its app store ranking – especially on Android. Shares and +1’s on Google+ can determine whether users notice your app or ignore it.

Last year, the Apple App Store was entirely redesigned. While the App Store’s design foundation will remain the same, you can expect to see changes in the native app discovery funnel with yesterday’s release of iOS 12. With a more personalized app marketing framework in place, taking steps to be featured may be more important than ever. Everybody wants to be featured in the App Store. A spot on Apple’s feature page is a powerful way to boost traffic, increase visibility and drive downloads. With over 2 million apps available in the App Store today, the competition for getting noticed by editors is aggressive. While there is no for sure way to get featured, there are tactics you can leverage to improve your chances.

After you’ve done this, you should find the perfect name, this i very hard, as it should be short and clean, but still have keywords in it. But e.g. a VPN app shouldn’t just have a title called “VPN”, it should be something with a brand like “Go Anonymous – Free VPN Proxy”. This way you’re both showing of your brand, but also going to rank on the most searched keywords for VPN apps (VPN, VPN Free, VPN Proxy). Other KEY elements in ASO: The App Store has a special keyword field, where you can put in up to 100 characters, which isn’t much, so it’s really important to think about the most relevant keywords for your app, and don’t duplicate any words. Find even more information at Buy ios installs.

In your press releases, mention the fact that you’re looking for feedback. In some cases, the media outlets you’ve sent them to will already have someone on their staff specifically there to review apps. Because you took the time to alert them to something related to your product, they might return the favor by reviewing you positively. And once a publication writes about you, contact every smaller outlet you’ve reached out to in the past. Refer them to the new article and they might write their own with the initial reviews in mind. You can also offer incentives to users who leave you reviews. This is a great method to increase the amount of users who actually choose to do so. Coupon codes, tangible prizes, or redeemable points to be used within the app can all be great encouragement for people to leave you positive reviews.

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