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Wildlife art by Vanessa Grundy

Let’s talk about the best locations where a wildlife artist can get the maximum inspiration. The Amazon Basin, Brazil: There is no doubt in that the wildlife photography lovers have been long planning to explore the amazons and its vivid wildlife. This region has been known to as the Amazonian or the Amazon Jungle. This jungle is home to 427 mammals which include jaguar, sloth, and river dolphin, 1300 birds which include macaw and 378 reptiles including anaconda and Jesus lizard. Here you can find some of the rarest of species which make its all suitable for that perfect clicks. Another interesting wildlife found here are the turtles where they will seek refuge on a further inland etc. So, don’t miss your chance to visit this amazing amazon.

South Africa: Kruger National Park is a legend that needs no introduction, but we’ll give it one anyway. One of the most beloved parks in all of Africa, and known around the world, Kruger is home to the Big Five: lion, elephant, black rhino, leopard and Cape buffalo. Will you catch sight of them all on a wildlife photography trip here? Who’s to say, but your chances are greatly increased travelling with an experienced, expert guide.

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2019 – Liverpool Art Fair: “What’s Occurring?” completed in 2015 in acrylics measures 26″ by 14″, and was featured in the 2019 Liverpool Art Fair exhibition at the Metquarter for a total of three months. 2015 – National Exhibition of Wildlife Art: My painting, “A Road to Survival”, on display at the exhibition arena in South Wirral, Merseyside. Painted in acrylics and measuring 26″ by 14″, the final piece is mounted in a solid oak wood frame. Read extra information on