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High quality single mailbox solution today

Easy to use single mailbox for all email ids providers by MutantMail? I had been eying Mutant Mail for some time. The notice that Google is suddenly to start charging for custom domains on legacy accounts gave me the push to try Mutant Mail. It turned out to be an excellent purchase, Easy to set-up and with a ton of well-thought out extra functionality including a powerful Rules module. Discover extra info on one mailbox. Pricing: Despite being an innovative and unique solution, we are Cheaper than fin. Infact you can start Free with us, and our highest plan cost less than Starbucks Coffee.

How different is this from fastmail service? The most important difference is, we don’t store any emails at all. We have taken that out of the equation, because we all already have at least one email provider, that we trust with privacy. Now since we have not used the service our self, it’s difficult to say how they do forwarding and can you reply to those forwarded emails or not. Also, since they store emails, it’s doubtful that they help with the niche we are specifically into, to let you manage all your domain emails from a single Inbox. There are two kinds of products on market, one that tries to do all. That’s what FastMail seems to be doing, competing against Gmail directly. Other types of products are niche-specific. That’s Mutant Mail, we are a solution to a specific problem of managing all domain’s emails, from one Inbox, on the server-side, without the hassle of logging into each email id. And our settings, features, roadmap reflect the same.

Though it’s assumed text format email are safer than HTML emails, there are no stats to prove it. The amount of link and their relevance towards email is directly related to the email quality. Testing your email campaigns before sending: Email campaigns can be a great way to reach out to customers and promote your business, but if they’re not well-crafted, they can quickly fall into the spam trap. Before sending out your next email campaign, be sure to test it for potential spam issues. There are several things you can do to test your campaign and ensure that it will reach its target audience: First, use a spam checker tool such as Mail Tester, to scan your campaign for potential problems. These tools can help you identify common issues that can lead to emails being flagged as spam.

Can I keep using my domain on Google Workspace (G-Suite)? At a time only one server can accept mailbox related to any domain. But there is a workaround. You can have your main domain associated with mutant mail and a subdomain associated with your Google Workspace(G-Suite). That way Mutant Mail can route all admin, legal, anything @ to your G-Suite And of course, when you will reply to those emails from your subdomain, your domain email id will be shown to the recipient and not your subdomain.

Email ids on Mutant Mail can help you organize your email communications by separating work emails from personal emails, for example. You can also use it to keep your personal email address private. When you sign up for an email account, you likely provide your personal details and email address. However, did you ever stop to think about who is really selling your data? With Mutant Mail’s on the fly feature, you have option to sign up easy service with a new email id. And still have the flexibility to reply/send via each of those email ids when needed. Using a unique email for every service can easily reveal which one is the culprit, that’s selling your email id to spammers, in case you start getting spam emails. Discover additional details on

Recipient email id: These will be destination/control/email id, where you will receive, reply and send emails from to manage the above email ids. Mutant Mail doesn’t log or store any email. This is a real email id that will be outside the Mutant Mail system. It can be personal Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail or anything else. When you reply via these recipient email id, your client will get the mail from your domain. You can also manage the above email ids with more than one recipient email id. Catch-All: This option is used at the domain to create email ids on the fly. For eg, if you have domain_a associated with Mutant Mail, but have not created email id With catch-all enabled, whenever someone sends you an email at, our system will automatically create it for you, and the email will be routed to the account-level default recipient id.